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I would love to visit your school and meet your students! I guarantee we’ll have a blast - just look at my fan mail!



“You are funny and a good drawer!” – Jojo

“I love that you let us decide what you drew!” – Evan

“It was a pleasure to see an amazing illustrator such as you. Thank you!” – Arina

“We love you Mrs. Mills!” - Kaelyn



I am happy to present to any size group and can adjust most content to fit any age.

Interactive Storytime – a fun, interactive reading of my book Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen that’s best for younger groups (PreK - 2ndgrade)

I Write and Draw Things – An inside look at what I do as an author/illustrator that also covers the publication process from idea to actual book. This presentation showcases early notes, drafts, and sketches from Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen and includes a Q&A.

Draw-Along – I randomly pick four descriptors from my magic art jar, then away we go! Kids love working as a group to direct my drawing (or working on their own individual drawings) while we cover some basics of character design. We discuss questions like: why are cartoon villains often triangular and pointy? How can you tell if a character is brave? What makes a character look young or old? Can be combined with the Write-Along for extra fun and learning!

Write-Along – Kids love creating a story together; teachers love the introduction to story structure! We begin by making a “story map” - an overview of story structure in an engaging visual format. Then, I randomly select a character and problem from my magic story jar and everyone gets creative! Students collaboratively write a story, using the story map as a guide. Reading the story out loud at the end is always a crowd-pleaser. Can be combined with the Draw-Along for extra fun and learning!

Play Like a Girl! – My book Ella McKeen, Kickball Queen showcases a talented, sporty girl – this presentation gives a brief history of women in sports, focusing on three stand-out female athletes from the past. Students will learn about Jackie Mitchell, who once struck out Babe Ruth, Ora Washington, the “Queen of Tennis” and basketball champion, and Babe Didrickson Zaharias, a champion golfer and all-around athlete.

You Decide! – Have a topic you want me to cover? Want a workshop more tailored to your class? We can work together to build it!


Drop me a line to book a visit!


Drop me a line to book a visit!

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